Super Fit XL Silicone Vaginal Dilator Set
Super Fit XL Silicone Vaginal Dilator Set
Super Fit XL Silicone Vaginal Dilator Set
Super Fit XL Silicone Vaginal Dilator Set
Super Fit XL Silicone Vaginal Dilator Set

Super Fit XL Silicone Vaginal Dilator Set

Super Fit XL Silicone Vaginal Dilator Set

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Do you have a BIG problem? Super Fit XL Silicone Vaginal Dilator is your solution! This set stretches and relaxes your vaginal muscles to help you naturally fit your partner's size, all the while providing appropriate arousal and fostering intimacy on a deeper level.
Body Safe
Paraben Free
Applicable symptoms
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Applicable symptoms
Vaginismus/Dyspareunia (painful sex)/Vulvodynia/Vaginal stenosis/Pudendal neuralgia/Menopause/Gynecologic surgery and cancer therapy/MRKH surgery/Gender reassignment surgery
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VWELL Silicone Vaginal Dilator is designed by therapists to improve the strength,
flexibility, and control of the pelvic floor muscles for a comfortable insertion and to
address intimate health issues. Whether your concern is painful intercourse, post-
pregnancy support, cancer treatment, or any other reason that makes you feel
uncomfortable down there, you can benefit from dilation therapy.

Choose the right fit

VWELL Super Fit set is significantly larger in diameter and
circumference than your regular dilator set. Please check
the size carefully to make sure it suits your needs.

normal size
super fit

Active Technology

Active Technology’s pre-programmed vibrations stimulate your pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax repeatedly within minutes, improving blood flow and reducing pain. Super Fit offers ten intensity levels for you to choose from.

*Active Technology is available for #1 trainer only

ComfortSense design

Featuring tapered length-of-the-body design
(not just the tip) and a silky-smooth medical silicone
finish, it reduces insertion pressure by up to 70%.

Medical-grade silicone

Made of skin-friendly silicone, VWELL vaginal dilators
minimize the risk of undesirable reactions
and ensure superior comfort.

Hands-free suction

Each VWELL dilator can be attached to any smooth surface,
such as tile, glass, marble, and more, to
accommodate different exercise preferences.


The self-sealing charging port allows for
carefree use underwater.

Meet your match

Start vaginal dilator therapy using the smallest size VWELL and gradually increase the
size over time as you feel more comfortable.

vwell #1

Step 1 - Insertion Diameter: 1.7"
Maximum Diameter: 1.8"
Insertable Length: 6.3"

vwell #2

Step 2 - Insertion Diameter: 1.9"
Maximum Diameter: 2.0"
Insertable Length: 6.6"

vwell #3

Step 3 - Insertion Diameter: 2.2"
Maximum Diameter: 2.3"
Insertable Length: 6.8"


With vaginal wellness and health in mind,
VWELL vaginal dilators help train and relax pelvic floor
muscles, reducing discomfort and building confidence
for women experiencing pelvic pain.

What's in the package?

Super Fit XL Silicone Vaginal Dilator Set
Charging Cable
Storage Bag
Warranty Card
UPC: 850013300952 P/N: INT-VW0006

All VWELL Dilators & Pelvic Wands are manufactured in FDA
Registered Facility and uses medical-grade silicone.
Materials are tested by independent third-party testing
laboratory, SGS, to ensure safety and quality.

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Customer Reviews

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Spouse Review
VWELL Super Fit XL 1.8 Diameter Dilator Review

The VWELL Super Fit 1.8 diameter dilator from the XL Silicone Pelvic Floor Trainer Set works well for my wife. The XL 1.8 inch diameter dilator provides better therapy than the Soul Source 1.625 inch diameter dilator because the XL 1.8 inch diameter dilator is tapered from a diameter of 1.7 inches at the top to 1.8 inches at the bottom. The Soul Source 1.625 inch dilator maintains a diameter of 1.625 inches for most of the length of the dilator; whereas, the XL 1.8 inch dilator gradually increases the the diameter. Since the Soul Source 1.625 inch dilator does not have the taper, it is more difficult for the vagina to accommodate the Soul Source 1.625 inch dilator at first use.

Mary FowlerMary Fowler
Omg it feels amazing!

Omg the gray one that vibrates feels amazing on the highest setting! The dark blue huge one that people say is unusable can actually be inserted about 3 so far if primed with the pulsating gray one. I have other dilators but the gray vibrating one in this xl kit really wakes up nerve endings inside you to bring you back to life and make penetration fun and exciting again.

Works well

This is making things much easier for my husband and I. Take your time and don't rush.

Only two of these are usable.

I needed dilators after developing scar tissue from an hysterectomy. This is a great set if you need a dilator larger than 1.5", which is the largest size in most of the other large dilator sets. I can use the first one and hope to use the second one, but the third one is ridiculously large. As other women have stated, the jump from the 2nd to the 3rd dilator is way too big.

older woman
very useful

I had a burning pain on the L side of my V for awhile. Not infection, not fungus, probably a scar tissue from deliveries of babies. Doc suggested using dilators and doing exercises. I started with the small sizes and now I had these 3 for a few days. The pain inside is going away gradually and I feel very grateful for the existence of these. Sex is becoming enjoyable again. The smallest of the 3 is just a bit bigger than the biggest in the previous box and the 10 types of vibrations are a big plus. Changing the vibrations and trying to decide which one is the best, makes the session longer and more enjoyable. The middle is also good, it creates the best stretch but the biggest seem out of the chart. There should be one between the middle and the largest. Also I discovered the importance of the WATER-base lubricant, these would be painful without it. Hope this helps!