InMotion Advanced Dilator Set
InMotion Advanced Dilator Set
InMotion Advanced Dilator Set
InMotion Advanced Dilator Set
InMotion Advanced Dilator Set

InMotion Advanced Dilator Set

InMotion Advanced Dilator Set

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Whether it’s for health or pleasure, InMotion Advanced Dilator is exactly what you're looking for. Using innovative technology, it gently stretches vaginal tissues while helping your brain reconnect with your body. This process encourages positive emotional responses and provides essential physical support.
Body Safe
Paraben Free
Applicable symptoms
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Applicable symptoms
Vaginismus/Dyspareunia (painful sex)/Vulvodynia/Vaginal stenosis/Pudendal neuralgia/Menopause/Gynecologic surgery and cancer therapy/MRKH surgery/Gender reassignment surgery
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Moment, the Way You Want it

VWELL Silicone Vaginal Dilator is designed by therapists to improve the
strength, flexibility, and control of the pelvic floor muscles for a
comfortable insertion and to address intimate health issues. Whether
your concern is painful intercourse, post-pregnancy support, cancer
treatment, or any other reason that makes you feel uncomfortable
down there, you can benefit from dilation therapy.

Inmotion Technology

At the core of InMotion Technology is an array of synchronized rotating pellets that revitalizes the
pelvic floor muscles, tissues, and nerves. The built-in microprocessor controls the flow, regulating
the intensity to suit various exercise needs.

Inmotion us built-in to #3, #4, #5 trainer

ComfortSense design

Featuring tapered length-of-the-body design
(not just the tip) and a silky-smooth medical silicone
finish, it reduces insertion pressure by up to 70%.

Medical-grade silicone

Made of skin-friendly silicone, VWELL vaginal dilators
minimize the risk of undesirable reactions
and ensure superior comfort.

Hands-free suction

Each VWELL dilator can be attached to any smooth
surface, such as tile, glass, marble, and more,
to accommodate different exercise preferences.


The self-sealing charging port
allows for carefree use underwater.

Meet your match

Start vaginal dilator therapy using the smallest size VWELL and gradually increase the
size over time as you feel more comfortable.

vwell #1

Step 1 - Insertion Diameter: 0.62"
Maximum Diameter: 0.70"
Insertable Length: 4.15"

vwell #2

Step 2 - Insertion Diameter: 0.82"
Maximum Diameter: 0.90"
Insertable Length: 4.75"

vwell #3

Step 3 - Insertion Diameter: 1.02"
Maximum Diameter: 1.10"
Insertable Length: 5.35"

vwell #4

Step 4 - Insertion Diameter: 1.22"
Maximum Diameter: 1.30"
Insertable Length: 5.85"

vwell #5

Step 5 - Insertion Diameter: 1.42"
Maximum Diameter: 1.50"
Insertable Length: 6.35"


With vaginal wellness and health in mind,
VWELL vaginal dilators help train and relax pelvic floor
muscles, reducing discomfort and building confidence
for women experiencing pelvic pain.

What's in the package?

InMotion Advanced Dilator Exerciser
Charging Cable
Storage Bag
Warranty Card
UPC: 810085170044 P/N: INT-VW0010

All VWELL Dilators & Pelvic Wands are manufactured in FDA
Registered Facility and uses medical-grade silicone.
Materials are tested by independent third-party testing
laboratory, SGS, to ensure safety and quality.

Test Report

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

These came beautifully packaged with a nice bag to also store them in.They are all super soft and feel great. Very easy to clean as well.I do wish the 2 smaller ones had some sort of a function. The ones that move, the motor seems to struggle a bit.

nice training set

DISCLAIMER: This review is solely based on my personal experience/usage of the product. Yours might be different.The material is very smooth but it's definitely not soft. Very easy to use and insertion is very smooth. The only complaint is the shape isn't very ergonomic. But it does the basic job

E. Robinson
Soft, comfortable, effective and classy

Heads up, this is a long review, but I think most will find it informative and helpful.Let me start by saying, I've finally come to realize that sexual health is just as important as any other kind of health! Taking care of every part of your body is a big deal. I spent some quality time with this product before writing this review in order to give the best feedback because, let's be honest, shopping for stuff like this can feel pretty personal and a bit intimidating. Plus, there's a whole bunch of options out there, and it can be a bit overwhelming.Now, about the product itself. First off, the packaging is pretty nice, which I found reassuring, to be honest. The colors are calm, not too flashy. It's got this professional, yet kind of personal, high-end vibe going on, and they've paid attention to all the little details. I think the care they put into the packaging makes you feel more confident about the whole thing. And the box is super discreet, so nobody's going to guess what's inside, especially if you've got a bustling household.When you open that box, it feels classy and neutral. Right away I got a calming vibe from the message on the top of the packaging 'Be well, again'. It seems like such a small thing, but most of us find this process intimidating and awkward. You know how some of these things can be all bright and in-your-face? Not these. The instruction booklet is straightforward and fancy enough without going overboard. The dilators themselves are securely packed and look pretty attractive. All of this together creates a sense of calm and relaxation, which is comforting when you're diving into something that can be stressful or overwhelming.About the dilators themselves... They're soft, sleek, and accessible. The smaller ones are just right if you're starting out and need to ease into it. If you find yourself hanging out with the small ones for a while, no biggie stash the bigger ones somewhere else, out of sight (and out of mind) for a bit. Take your sweet time and go at your own pace. Starting is often the trickiest part Pro tip: make sure to order water based lubricant when your order these, its a necessity. I like that they have a wide base, which makes it easy to hold onto and the whole process more comfortable. My only quibble is that I wish they were a little more flexible and bendy.When you move up to the medium-sized dilator, it brings a motorized pulsating action into the mix. This feature helps massage your tissues and gets the blood flow going, which is a good thing for your vaginal tissues. The massage has different speeds, so you can adjust it to your comfort level. You can definitely feel the movement and hear the sound, but I dont find it uncomfortable or weird feeling. It's more of a gentle massage, not like a sex toy although, I'd say playing around and embracing the pleasure factor can actually enhance the whole experience. The key here is making sure it doesn't feel like a chore. Plus, let's be real, plenty of sex toys have their own perks when it comes to sexual health.Okay, Im going to share a bit of my own experience in case it helps anyone relate or feel more comfortable. I seriously wish I'd stumbled upon these years ago because it could've seriously changed the game for my health and happiness. First, after giving birth to my kiddos, I had some healing issues and ongoing pain that made sex painful. A pelvic floor therapist suggested dilators, but I had no clue what to look for and felt a bit intimidated, so I chickened out. Looking back, these could've made life so much better.Fast forward a decade, and I was dealing with menopause creeping in. Vaginal tissues get thin and dry, and it's crucial to keep them in good shape with some regular stimulation (yep, sex does the trick). But I went years without it, and that's where these dilators came to the rescue. Pro tip make it enjoyable, folks. If it feels like a chore, it's hard to stick with it. Build it into your routine, find a quiet and relaxing moment, and if you can make it pleasurable, go for it! Maybe throw in a vibrator for some experimentation. Remember, we're dealing with a super sensitive and emotional part of our bodies, so let's honor and enjoy it. These dilators are a fantastic tool to improve your sexual health. Go for it!

Just T
Very unique

The different sizes are a plus. These are easy to clean as well. The tip should have been a much softer thought. Its very..unique the way the gyro spins in the inside. Something to get used to but not really for me.

The OG Elf
Discreetly packaged

I really like that this came in a discreet box. It was nice that no one could tell what was in it. I've tried silicone pelvic floor exerciser sets in the past and they were ok. But dang does this set knock it up a whole level. The swirling and rotating pellets are what make this so much different than everything else on the market. They're made from surgical-grade silicone and are easy to clean. If you're looking for a trainer set, look no further. Amazing!