Flex Pelvic Wand Massager
Flex Pelvic Wand Massager
Flex Pelvic Wand Massager
Flex Pelvic Wand Massager
Flex Pelvic Wand Massager

Flex Pelvic Wand Massager

Flex Pelvic Wand Massager

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Flexible and versatile: Flex Pelvic Wand is the perfect vaginal wellness tool for every woman. Bend or fold it to follow the natural curve of your body. Two-side vibration, double function — this massager relieves chronic pelvic pain and delivers pleasure, leaving you with that oh-so-good feeling afterward.
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Applicable symptoms
Pelvic pain/Urinary incontinence/Vaginismus/Pelvic floor dysfunction/Postpartum recovery/Pelvic floor exercises/Sexual wellness
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The journey from pain to pleasure

VWELL Pelvic Floor Massager is a non-invasive therapeutic device that
deeply reaches pelvic floor muscles and releases tension, providing
immediate relief from period cramps, post-operation scar tissues,
hormonal changes, and menopause. It brings about feel-good
sensations, setting you free from pain.

Flexible design

Thanks to its flexible shaft, VWELL Flex is easy to adjust to an angle that fits your
body. Bend or hold it straight — the choice is yours.

Dual Active Technology

Each side contains an independent motor delivering
six frequencies and intensities. The large end provides
broad vibrations to massage pelvic floor muscles,
while the narrow end offers precise stimulation.

Medical-grade silicone

Made of skin-friendly silicone, VWELL vaginal dilators
minimize the risk of undesirable reactions
and ensure superior comfort.


The self-sealing charging port allows for
carefree use underwater.


Treat yourself to a magical self-care experience
with VWELL pelvic wands. They get to the root of
your pain by relaxing tense muscles, bringing you
relaxation, pleasure, and well-being.

What's in the package?

Flex Pelvic Wand
Charging Cable
Storage Bag
Warranty Card

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
As promised


Stephanie Grimaldi
Super useful

After speaking with a few women on ways to help my body they say especially after having kids you definitely need something to strengthen up your down stairs and help with the aftermath of having kids to get your body back to somewhat normal. The material of this device is super smooth and comfortable. It has many speeds and modes for both sides, or you can just use the one side. My favorite feature is that it can conform and adjust its super flexible. I enjoy using this product it has become an unconscious habit, 10/10 would purchase again and recommend to other women.

J G.
Nice surprise

I did some research and decided to get this for my girlfriend. Heres what she said:I wasnt sure what to expect but with the variety of settings I was bound to find one I enjoyed. Turned out to find them all effective and it was nice to gradually increase the vibration and intensity in subtle increments. Flexibility of the device was a nice touch which allowed for some useful angles along with ease of use. Overall it was a very nice addition to my personal wellness routine.

Great for Period Pain!

My period cramps are horrible and I was looking for anything to help me relieve it. This is exactly what I needed. The vibration feels like a massage from the inside especially the second pulse frequency. I absolutely love this and it is my new period pain go to. I definitely recommend.

Stephanie Aranda
Smooth experience

This tool has helped me sooth my pelvic floor pain. This was my first time trying a tool like this and I had a great experience with it! I like that the pain I feel leaves right away.