Arc Pelvic Wand Massager
Arc Pelvic Wand Massager
Arc Pelvic Wand Massager
Arc Pelvic Wand Massager
Arc Pelvic Wand Massager

Arc Pelvic Wand Massager

Arc Pelvic Wand Massager

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Bliss lies in your own hand. The Arc Pelvic Wand features an ergonomic grip and a shape that ensures it fits comfortably in your hand as you explore your body for targeted stimulation, helping you to release stress and anxiety.
Body Safe
Paraben Free
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Applicable symptoms
Pelvic pain/Urinary incontinence/Vaginismus/Pelvic floor dysfunction/Postpartum recovery/Pelvic floor exercises/Sexual wellness
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he journey from pain to pleasure

VWELL Pelvic Wand Massager is a non-invasive therapeutic device that
deeply reaches pelvic floor muscles and releases tension, providing
immediate relief from period cramps, post-operation scar tissues,
hormonal changes, and menopause. It brings about feel-good
sensations, setting you free from pain.

Ergonomic design

Specifically designed to fit the curves of your pelvic region, VWELL Arc's ergonomic shape
and grip offer easy control from any angle for a precise targeting of any muscle tension.

Active Technology

With six pre-programmed vibration modes and a
high-density silicone tip, VWELL Arc can deliver a
variety of sensations and reduce discomfort during

Grip Handle

Grip handle designed for maximum comfort.

Medical-grade silicone

Made of skin-friendly silicone, VWELL vaginal dilators
minimize the risk of undesirable reactions
and ensure superior comfort.


The self-sealing charging port allows for
carefree use underwater.


Treat yourself to a magical self-care experience
with VWELL pelvic wands. They get to the root of
your pain by relaxing tense muscles, bringing you
relaxation, pleasure, and well-being.

What's in the package?

Flex Pelvic Wand
Charging Cable
Storage Bag
Warranty Card

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Brittany Lynn
Wonder wand

Shape and texture make it super easy to use. Vibration settings are nice when trying to give the pelvic floor muscles a good massage. Great purchase for self care at home!

Nice leverage

The material is a nice blend of firm and soft. Holds lube really well, and the angle and grip are very well placed. If you are planning to use this as a toy, I recommend it for male and female parts :)

Easy to use

I dont have anything to compare this to because this is my first pelvic wand but my physical therapist approves.Its easy to use, but Im still trying to get familiar with the whole process and what Im supposed to be doing.I havent used the vibration feature yet because Im still new to this therapy and that just makes it seem like more of a pleasuring device rather than a therapy tool.

Craig Blanford
Fun for all

Easy to handle and great feel and speed.


Worked well for me